Omnicide disinfectant [039omni5]

Omnicide disinfectant [039omni5]

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Omnicide has a broader disease control spectrum than any other disinfectant. It destroys many virus and gram-negative bacteria which are tolerant of other disinfectants. These tolerant pathogens cause severe disease problems throughout the world.

Omnicide, with its powerful and fast acting contact activity, even in dirty conditions, and its lasting residual protection has become a favourite brand.

Omnicide has become the product of choice as the base of Biosecurity programs wherever disease risk is high.

Omnicide your best choice for Biosecurity

Omnicide disinfectants can be used in the following sectors:

Aquaculture of Shrimps and Fish, Poultry, Broilers, Egg Layers, Breeding hens, Hatcheries, Ducks, Geese, Turkeys, Ostrich, Guinea Fowl, Pigeons, Quail, Game Birds, Cage Birds, Swine, Cattle, Sheep, Horses, Dogs, Cats, Rabbits, Fur Bearing Animals, Goats, Crocodilians, Veterinary Clinics, Abattoirs and Food Processing Establishments.

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