Germinal Leisure Lawn Seed [162amg210]

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Leisure Lawn is a quick establishing lawn seed specially designed for landscaping and domestic lawns.

Suitable for restoring your lawn after winter or sowing from scatch. Leisure Lawn is a hardwearing lawn seed, which will maintain a healthy green colour all year long.

Usage Guide – Leisure Lawn

Sowing rate      30 g/m2 (100-120 kg/acre)

Sowing Time     April to late August

Sowing Depth   10 mm

Sowing Instructions

Eliminate weeds well before preparing the seed bed, hand weed or use a suitable weed killer (seek advice from your local store). Create a good seed bed by digging the soil over to a depth of 15 cm and leave to settle, ideally for a few weeks. Remove weeds and excess stones. Rake over the whole are to create a flat, fine and friable seed bed. Firm the seed bed by rolling or treading the site evenly. Carry out two equal sowings at right angles to each other and diagonally to main axis. Broadcast manually or use seed drill, rake level and roll. Ensure good seed to soil contact. Apply a suitable fertiliser to ensure adequate nutrients are available for the seed.

After sowing    

  • Control weeds if necessary
  • Take the first cut when the grass is 6-8 cm and mow down to about 3 ½ cm (or the highest setting your mower will cut to) this will help the lawn to thicken out
  • Over the next few weeks gradually reduce the cutting height down to 2 ½ cm.



Sowing a new lawn

Restoring a lawn