Alert Tail Paint [010ctl008]

Alert Tail Paint [010ctl008]

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Presentation: 500ml

• The ideal mating management system to accurately recognise cattle when in heat
• Paint will be broken or rubbed off after the cows have been ridden, indicating they have cycled
• Depending on usage, coverage is between 30-40 cows with a 15cm line
• Outstanding performance in both wet and dry conditions
• Lasts up to 20 days
• Available in 3 colours 

Directions: Shake can before use. For best results ensure animals are clean and dry (remove any loose hair or dirt). Spray the udder or flank at a distance of 20cm to temporarily mark cows for identification at subsequent milkings. For heat spotting, paint a strip 20cm long by 6cm wide along the backbone at the top of the cow’s tail. Apply 3 or 4 passes at a distance of 20cm spraying against the hair. Inspect tailpaint daily and when the paint is rubbed and broken this indicates that the cow is in heat.

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