Bloodless Castrator [0031022230]

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Articulated with closing stop. Made of high quality forged steel. Supplied with a tightening key.

The castration can be effected as soon as the testicles have reached their final firmness (not their final size).

The bloodless castrator crushes the testicular cord trhough the scrotum skin.

You must proceed by crushing one testicular cord at time, and make two crushes at 1-2 cm (1/2" - 3-4") apart .

Usage instructions :

 -identify the testicular cord -block it with the castrator for 5 minutes

-repeat the same operation 1-2 cm (1/2" - 3-4") lower on the same cord. The non-crushed space maintain the irrigation and prevents from gangrene.

-execute these operations on the second testicular cord

-never try to crush simultaneously both testicular cord. It may be uneffective and it will damage the castrators.

After use and cleaning the castrator must be stored opened

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