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This professional cleaner will allow you to clean your boots effortlessly. After cleaning with water, this cleaner will allow you to disinfect your boots with the addition of antiseptic product. It is equipped with a scraper to remove dirt. Made entirely of stainless steel, this boot cleaner resists rust and guarantees many uses! Automatic, it is triggered in contact with the boot. Delivered assembled.

Advantages :
The boot washer allows the mechanical washing of the boots thanks to the 5 brushes and scraper, as well as the chemical disinfection thanks to its device of mixing and injection of the products. The boot washer is made of stainless steel, increasing the longevity of the material and facilitating cleaning (a jet of water is enough). The water supply is done through a ½ '' connection. A 25 mm connection and a gardena connection are provided.

Manual :
Connect the boot lava to the water supply at the ½ '' connection. Adjust the water flow with the blue tap. Immerse the white hose in the cleaner can (use peroxide or hygianet). The product will be sucked into the boot lava by putting your finger in the hole facing the user, creating a Venturi effect. The boot washer can be fixed on gratings using stainless steel stirrups.

Connection: ½ ''.
Width: 24 cm.
Length: 56 cm.
Height: 86 cm.
Number of brushes: 5

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