Circodine CF 20Kg [170ccf20]

Circodine CF 20Kg [170ccf20]

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  • Delivers low TBC/ Thermoduric results when used as part of a good wash regime
  • Suitable for hot and cold cleaning
  • Very effective for protein / fat removal when used as a stand alone product or may be added to Chlorine free liquids as part of booster wash regime
  • Very easily mixed in the wash trough and is not dusty
  • Contains high level of sequestering / water softening agents ensuring product is suitable for use in hard and soft water areas

  • Hazardous Surcharge Applies

Alkaline Chlorine free powder. Suitable for use in a cold or hot washing system as part of a good wash regime. Usage rate 180g/45lt Hot & 227g/45lt cold use. Very effective in removing fat & protein residues when using a chlorine free wash regime. For best results a routine Acid wash should also be carried out or alternatively a Peracetic rinse with Serpent or Hydrox 5 should be used.