Circodine P 20Kg [170CP20]

Circodine P 20Kg [170CP20]

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Presentations: 20kg
Description: Enables successful cold washing of milking equipment where previously hot water was required & has primarily evolved over time to be the Tried and Trusted choice for cleaning of pipeline plant & bulk tanks. Circodine P is very effective in hard water areas & is the powder product of choice where difficult cleaning conditions are encountered. Circodine P has the added advantage of an inbuilt chlorine steriliser that not only improves the wash quality but also sterilises in the wash cycle. This enables the wash to be completed directly after milikng - no need to leave the detergent soak between washes to achieve sterility. Circodine P has no effect on rubberware when used at the correct concentration. Circodine P is an all in solution, without the need to add sachets or add liquid chlorine.
Directions: AFTER MILKING: Wash outsides of clusters with water, then put on jetters. Rinse plant free of milk residues, using 14 litres of water per unit. Dissolve 227g of Circodine P in 45 litres of water if cold washing or alternatively 180g for hot washing. The temperature of the hot wash should not fall below 50 degrees Celsius for effective cleaning. The detergent will dissolve readily by adding it to the wash trough when filling with water, stir well and then top up to correct volume. Allow 5 litres of wash solution per unit. Draw the solution into the plant, allow 4.5 litres to run to waste and circulate the remainder for 10 minutes. Retain the solution in the holding tank for the evening wash if cold washing or send to drain if hot washing. Rinse the plant with 14 litres of cold clean water per unit to remove all detergent traces. If using Serpent, add 30ml
to the final 25 litres of water being flushed though the plant which is sufficient to cover 5-6 units. This will ensure low TBCs due to presence of bacteria in the rinse water combined with elimination for the requirement to descale the plant regularly in hard water areas.
EVENING: Prepare the plant as for the morning wash. Circulate Circodine P solution kept from the previous wash for 10 minutes. Discard this solution after washing. Follow the plant rinse procedure as per the morning wash. Use Serpent as per the morning wash as required.