Clean Drinker Bowl (60KDBL2)

Clean Drinker Bowl (60KDBL2)

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  • Fitted with 1/2 brass valve 2 stainless steel mounting brackets
  • Water covered by a swinging lid to prevent contamination from dirt
  • No need to clean out bowls by hand
  • Large reservoir capacity bowl
  • Extremely impact resistant and capable of withstanding aggressive use

The JFC clean drink bowl is covered with a swinging lid to prevent contamination with dirt. Animals can access water by gently pushing down on the lid. This reduces the need to hand clean bowls. Each drinker is fitted with a 0.5 inch brass valve and drain-off plug. This drinker is hung using two included, stainless steel brackets so it can be set at appropriate height for your stock. The drinker comes with a fully adjustable and accessible valve that is protected within housing. Its dimensions are 525x375x300mm and its capacity is 20.5 litres. The ball valve can be set to right or left side. Extremely strong construction to withstand aggressive use. It is UV light stable and frost resistant and can be used in sheds or fields.

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