Clipster Sheep & Dirty Cattle Cordless Clippers [010SHP01698]

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Clipster  Sheep and Dirty Cattle Battery Clipper are a reliable battery operated clippers that provide constant clean cutting and up to 1.5 hours cutting per charge.

The first battery operated clippers that will take sheep cutters and combs, making them perfectly designed for tackling dirty cattle and sheep. Cutters and combs can be easily exchanged for your convenience. 

Is specially designed and balanced to ensure fatigue free clipping under constant use and weighs 1.2kg. 

It features a 14.4V battery (Li-ion) and charger plus one extra 14.4V battery included, which allows for up to 3 hours of continuous clipping

  • 1.5 hours clipping per charge
  • Robust, durable and sturdy
  • Ergonomically designed and perfectly balanced for comfort when using for extended periods
  • Comes with an Additional Battery (Li-ion), Bottle of Clipper Oils & Spray Can of Clipper Oil, Cleaning Brush, Screwdriver (For Changing Blades)

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