Colostrum Scale [003124070]

Colostrum Scale [003124070]

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Refractometer with automatic temperature compensation between +10°C and +30°C.

Scale from 0 to 32 BRIX, the percentage of BRIX, represents the fraction of sucrose in a liquid, the percentage of soluble dry matter. This refractometer can also be used in winemaking.

The colostrum refractometer : what importance for the new born ?

New born doesn't have antibody in blood, and this is a critical factor for the running of the immune system. Colostrum contains big quantities of antibodies and is the main source for the new born. Colostrum reduces the risk of diarrhea, pneumonia and saves lives. Refractometers permit to verify that the milk given to the new born is healthy.

Did you know? Colostrum is the milk produced by the female mammals at the end of the pregnancy, it is the first milk consumed after the labor.

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