Fam 30 [170F10]

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multi-purpose iodophor disinfectant

An extremely powerful & fast acting Defra Approved (Foot & Mouth, Swine Vesiclur, Poultry & General orders) & listed in the Aquatic Disinfectant Listing Scheme, Iodophor based disinfectant, approved for animal use. It is bactericidal, fungicidal & virucidal, offering excellent protection from a wide range of disease causing organisms. Disease control orders: DEFRA approved against Foot & Mouth disease at 1:550, Swine Vesicular disease at 1:100, Diseases of Poultry 1: 100, Tuberculosis at 1:20 & for general use at 1:90. Recommended for use against Blue Ear Pig Disease (PRRS) at 1:200

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