Forcefield B50 Promo With Battery [13501100902]

Forcefield B50 Promo With Battery [13501100902]

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A 0.5 joule battery energiser powered by either a 9V or 12V battery.  This unit is suitable for 4km of fence line or the perimeter of 12 acres. It comes with a 3 year warranty and a free 9V battery, earth bar, output leads, neon tester and 25 screw in insulators.

The very versatile B50 is ideal for medium sized areas, for the containment of livestock and the protection of crops from unwanted animalintrusion. The B50 employs a real unique battery life extender. This ensuresthat maximum energy is only applied to the fence when a load is detected, meaning that the battery is not continuously being used to needlessly generate high energy pulses.

The B50 is microchip controlled and has 3 modes of operation, giving greater control to the professional farmer. It is operated with three modes: Normal, Turbo and Night mode.

  • Ideal for medium sized areas
  • Covers 12 acres
  • The control unit is sealed to IP65 for long life
  • Simple to operate
  • Compatible with 9V dry and 12V wet batteries
  • 3-year manufacturers guarantee
  • Includes electric fence tester, 25 insulators (nail on), 9V dry battery, U ground spike, output leads

Note: When the fence is not in use– remove the battery and store safely to protect your fencer

Comes with:

  • Electric Fence Tester
  • 25 Insulators
  • 9V Dry Battery
  • U Ground Spike
  • Output Leads

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