Lamlac 5Kg Powder [023105060]

Lamlac 5Kg Powder [023105060]

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  • Suitable for: Lambs
  • Stays fresh for 24 hours
  • Application method: Feed

Lamlac is a concentrated milk protein which is highly digestible for faster lamb growth. It delivers all the nutrients required by the lamb and provides a natural health protection with less risk of nutritional upsets. Lamlac suits all rearing systems and can be used in bucket or machine feeding systems. Lamlac can be used whenever it is necessary to rear a lamb away from the ewe. Mix 200grams of Lamlac with water to make 1ltr of mixed milk (4oz made up to 1 pint of mixed milk). Add Lamlac to one third of the required volume of warm or cold water and mix thoroughly. Top up with fresh warm or cold water to give final dilution indicated above and whisk lightly. Clean water should always be available to lambs. Stays fresh for 24 hours, so excellent in ad-lib feeding situations.