LORDSON Profesionnal Clipper, 2 Speeds Corded [003154600]

LORDSON Profesionnal Clipper, 2 Speeds Corded [003154600]

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The Lordson Pro 2-Speed ​​Clipper is rugged and reliable. Its motor drives the cutting head directly, which gives the maximum power during mowing. Thanks to its 2 speeds, you will be able to work as well on a normal hair as a dense or tangled hair.

This clipper plugs into the mains to allow you to clip for long periods without interruptions. With its supplied cable of 3 meters, you will have all the amplitude you will need to clip small or large animals.

The Lordson clipper is delivered with a 1.5 mm cutting head (size 10). You will also have the opportunity to simply change the cutting head to suit your needs.

Lordson clippers are ergonomic and all CE certified. Equipped with an air filter for better ventilation during the clipping and a hook to be able to be suspended when you do not use it anymore. The cutting heads are compatible with professional lawn clippers: Andis, Moser, Oster A5 Aesculap Favorita, Heiniger Saphir. The cutting heads are stainless steel, sharp, sharp and durable. Cutting head available, from 0.25 to 9.5 mm.

The 2-speed Lordson mower is ideal for mowing animals such as dogs, but also for finishing work on the horse.

Features of the Lordson 2-Speed ​​Clipper on Power:

  • Power: 30 w
  • Weight: 428 g
  • Cable length: 3 m
  • Cutting speed: 3200 rpm for normal mowing; 4000 rpm for difficult mowing
  • Accessories included: cutting head No. 10 -1.5mm; bottle of oil 110ml; spare oscillator
  • CE compliant: yes

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