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The Moocall is a non-invasive sensor that will monitor a pregnant cow and notify you by a text message to your mobile phone when the animal is close to calving. The Moocall works by attaching to the cow's tail and gathering over 600 pieces of information per second, by monitoring tail movement and other indications Moocall can accurately predict the time of birth an hour beforehand . Once the Moocall predicts the time of birth a text message is sent to the owners mobile phone giving them enough time to be present for the birth of the calf.

Benefits of the Moocall 

Almost 20% of all heifers will have complications the first time they calf, even more experienced cows can have trouble with up to 8% having complications during birth. On average 7% of all calves die at birth.These numbers can be remarkably reduced by being present at the time of calving.Moocallensures that you are there when you are most needed and will result in higher live birth rates and will positively impact your farms bottom line.

The Moocall uses a rechargeable battery pack that lasts between 30 and 60 days between charges and will last for over 5 years before having to be replaced. The Moocall will even text you when the unit only has 15% battery remaining. Moocall can be used on all cows no matter the size or breed.

Purchase of a Moocall includes 12 months of data, software updates and customer support.

The Moocall is easy to attach and causes no stress whatsoever to the cow


Works anywhere in the world with GSM

Quick attachment adjustable to any size tail

Led Status indicator

Rechargable battery last up to 30 days

Texts up to 2 numbers

Suits all breeds

This pack includes 1 sms calving alert Sensor

1 global power charger

12 month text service included 

12 month warranty


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