Power Profi NDi 15000 Digital Fencer [010FEN00336]

Power Profi NDi 15000 Digital Fencer [010FEN00336]

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The smart 230 volt power supply line by AKO – extremely effective, for very robust animals and for very long fences even with vegetation!

• AKO NDi devices automatically adapt to the fence status, ensuring the highest security and making your work easier by damaging vegetation growth to some degree

• The delayed power adjustment makes touching the fence safer for people and animals.

• The fence is constantly monitored by an alarm function, which triggers an alarm and slows the pulse sequence if the fence is touched for an extended period of time

  • Max. Voltage in Volts: 10200 V
  • Voltage at 500 Ohms in Volts: 7000 V
  • Stored Energy in Joules: 20 J
  • Max. Output Energy in Joules: 14.5 J
  • Power consumption is Watts: 18 W
  • Max Fence Length in km without Vegetation: 100 km
  • Max Fence Length in km with little Vegetation: 22 km
  • Max Fence Length in km with heavy Vegetation: 12 km
  • Min. Number of Ground Rods recommended: 5



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