Rhino Protection Net Silage Protection [218RPN10]

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Rhino Silo Protection Net are a micro-meshed monofil netting that can be used to cover your silage pit cover to protect it from birds and debris and can be used in conjunction with the Rhino Silage Bags. The Silo Protection Net has a high resistance to rough handling due to its ultra-modern weaving technology that give the net extreme strength; both in weft and in wrap directions.
The Silo Protection Net is also UV stable for up to 10 years and resistant to acids and chemicals, rot-proof and fungus-free. The weight and maneuverability of the nets provide maximum protection for your silage pit,particularly the edge of the pit. 
Silo Protection Net have no hard or sharp surfaces that could damage the plastic film beneath and if raised slightly off the plastic will protect the plastic from . Silo Protection Net are the ultimate way to keep your cover clean and free of any contaminants. The Silo Protection Net also helps protect against rodents accessing your pit.

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