Rockies Red Original [112ROCKRED]

Rockies Red Original [112ROCKRED]

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Rockies Original Red primarily contains essential salt and other vital minerals. Salt plays a major role in the diet of all horses and is essential for efficient feed utilisation. It also stimulates saliva production promoting digestion and making feed more palatable.

Rockies Red salt licks are a high quality source of all the minerals your horse needs but your pastures and feed can't supply. Rich in copper and other essential trace elements, Red salt licks can be used to support optimum growth in young horses and peak fertility in brood mares. Copper is also needed for bone development.

Comes in a 2kg bar.

Key Benefits:

  • Contains essential salts and minerals.
  • Stimulates saliva production.
  • Supports optimum growth in young horses.
  • Enhances bone development.

Always read instructions on packaging carefully.

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