Septicare Kit XL [003106652010]

Septicare Kit XL [003106652010]

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Bond cartridge with 2 components.Dries in 3 seconds. Can be handled during 15 seconds and bonds strongly in 30 seconds. Can be applied and stored from 0°C to 40°C, keeping its bonding full capacities because viscocity isn't affected bu the températures. Nevertheless, the glue has to have a temperature above 0°C to be used correctly. Doesn't flow during the application even by applying vertically thanks to its important thixotropy : it bonds on all material which it is applicated on.

- 1 x 250 ml bond cartridges
- 1 x application gun
- 10 x wood blocks
- 10 x mixing cannulas
- 1 x pair of gloves
- 1 x instructions paper

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