Shires Hay Bag Deluxe [2021035]

Shires Hay Bag Deluxe [2021035]

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A tough and practical design perfect if you are needing to restrict or control your horses’ diet. The Shires Hay Bag Deluxe features a small feeding area that reduces wastage and is perfect for transportation. 

The Shires Hay Bag Deluxe is an excellent design especially if you are trying to control feeding or restrict your horses’ diet. The bag is a tough and practical design that features a base with riveted holes for drainage of soaked feed. There is a small feeding area in this bag which is what helps to control or restrict diets. The bag can offer excellent entertainment for stabled horses. It is perfect for use if you want to reduce wastage and mess, so is great for feed economy, clean stables and perfect for transportation.

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