Standard Foal Feeder [060EQ5]

Standard Foal Feeder [060EQ5]

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The trough helps the foal to learn the right feeding behavior and prevents mare from stealing the food!

The foal trough has fitted metal bars which offer many advantages when feeding your foal. Due to the small opening between the rods, the foal cannot push the food over the edge. Due to the small opening between the rods , the mare can not get close to the feed and you can be sure that your foal receives the necessary amount of feed it needs to develop well. In addition, the foal cannot get its hoof stuck in the trough when they are bouncing around in the box.

The metal bars can be simply removed without any tools, so that the trough can be used at any age of the foal. This feeding trough is suitable for fixed mounting in a stable or an open space. The trough is made of shatterproof plastic and very robust. Thanks to the drain plug the trough is easy to clean.

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