Summer Freedom Salve Complete [112sumfr]

Summer Freedom Salve Complete [112sumfr]

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Nettex Summer Freedom (Salve Complete) 600ml


To get the best results against sweet itch and midge attacks taking hold, apply in early spring to mane, tail and rump areas as these are the favourite targets for those pesky little flies. Apply using a cloth or by hand (avoid the eyes though) as necessary. One application will last up to 7 days, but you may need to top it up after a sweaty workout, shampoo and set or persistently heavy rain.





Aids skin and hair to grow naturally

Weather resistant/Long Lasting

Contains D.E.E.T., Calamine lotion, Petrolium, Carnation oil, tea tree oil (to help disinfect) and peppermint oil (for its coolant properties).

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