Germinal Grass Seed Top 5 Extend Grazing Seed 11.5kg [162500299]

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Top 5 Extend contains the highest performing varieties on the Teagasc PPI. Top 5 Extend is designed to achieve high animal performance through its exceptional quality and palatability. The varieties in this mixture excel in spring and autumn growth – meeting the demands of intensive grassland farmers while also providing the opportunity for a high yielding silage cut.

Optimum spread of heading dates within mixtures for grazing and cutting results in better performance of the leys. When cutting for silage, aim to cut 5-10 days before average heading date for optimum quality.

Key benefits in summary

  • 50% tetraploid for higher intakes and grass utilisation
  • Contains AberGain – leading variety overall on 2020 PPI with exceptional quality
  • Contains AberChoice and Drumbo, leading late diploids with excellent seasonal yield and quality
  • Highly palatable leafy grasses, for higher intakes and animal performance
  • Suitable for intensive grazing, cut-and-graze or zero grazing systems

Sowing rate        14 kg/acre (35 kg/ha)

Sowing Time      April – September

Sowing Depth    10 -15mm

Sowing Instructions      Cultivate to achieve a fine, firm seed bed. Ploughing will help level rough fields. Sow in good conditions (warm with rain forecast), no deeper than 10-15mm. Roll well after sowing to ensure good soil/seed contact. Apply N, P & K as per soil test results and nitrates rules.

After sowing     Monitor for pest attack and take immediate action where necessary. Post emergence weed spray is essential approx. 5-6 weeks after establishment, prior to first grazing. Where clover is included in the sown mixture, use a clover safe spray.

Grazing: Graze the new reseeds frequently and at low covers (<1200 kg DM/ha) to assist in tillering and help create a dense sward.

Uses      Dairy – Y

Cattle – Y

Sheep – Y

Silage – Y

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