Zerofit Ultimate base-layer

Zerofit Ultimate base-layer

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The ultimate baselayer for protection against extreme cold, the ULTIMATE offers three main benefits:

  • Your body heat is sealed in like a standard baselayer
  • Unlike a standard baselayer the product instantly warms you up
  • Unlike a standard baselayer the unique fibres

The unique fibres on the inside of the Ultimate rub against your skin to create frictional heat

The HEATRUB ULTIMATE is a very different kind of baselayer. Imagine playing golf whilst wrapping yourself in your favourite fake fur rug and you’ll be somewhere near! Ok, maybe it’s not quite as extreme as that, but the ‘Ultimate Baselayer’ is very thick, with an almost fur lining.

Despite the thickness of the base layer, it still provides plenty of movement whilst you play golf, but it provides you with immense warmth. The ‘Frictional Heat Generation’ that Zerofit have developed was definitely noticeable in the -1 degrees I tested this product in.

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